Forever Regret

It came to a head the other night during a conversation with Blake that I’m not over anything that has happened since I met him. I can hear him say that everything is okay now, or that things were partly his fault, but I know he’s only saying those things to be nice and to […]

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The Day the World Stopped

Nothing hurts worse when a loved one tells you all the bad shit you need to hear. However, they tell you those things to incite change. Sometimes people listen, sometimes they don’t. It’s up to you to decide. I had one of those revelations a few days ago. Yes, tears were shed, and confessions made, […]

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Demands of the Jaberwocky

There have been lots of changes since even my last update on this blog. I decided to end Spiritually Free Lubbock after it’d had been seemingly dwindling. I think it would be for the best as it has been dwindling for the last year, and it’s a lot of work to keep up with. Maybe […]

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Cut It All Away

When you are suffering from mental issues of any kind, the last thing you want is for someone else to feel like they are alone in the struggle. You do what you are able to, be a supportive friend, indulge without enabling, subtly and sometimes strongly encourage them that life is not meant to be […]

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A Major Production

Well today marks the last day of Ever’s major production in dance for 2016. This year’s theme is All Aboard and she’s a bayou frog during the first act, and does her ballet during the second act. This is her 3rd major production at the Dance Gallery, and I want her to continue dancing until […]

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Lucky 13

This month started out pretty good. Went to Beltane at the Park, then held our own Beltane celebration at my house. The night ended… well, you know. Later, Blake’s family came to bring a pressure washer for our use. I had a strange conversation that Saturday, but we’ll visit that in another post. Ellie and […]

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The Road

When do you finally decide to step away from a difficult situation? Is it in the beginning when you see all the signs and red flags screaming, “DANGER WILL ROBINSON! DANGER!” Or do you wait for years and try your hardest to be a good friend only to have everyone around you say that sometimes […]

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